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A micrographer (pronounced like photographer) refers to a photographer who uses microscopy as their medium. Our work employs several microscopy and optical techniques including but not limited to darkfield, oblique, polarized light, fluorescence, and differential interference contrast (DIC). We've sourced our setup piece by piece to focus on high-quality optics and creative flexibility. Each piece we offer to you is backed by several days or weeks, of meticulously preparing, imaging, and processing raw samples.


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the Micrographer

During an internship at Cornell University, I stared down the lens of a research-grade microscope for the first time. It was and still is one of the most exciting moments in my professional career. Through several years with Cornell and in graduate school at William & Mary, I spent thousands of hours both harnessing and developing microscopy techniques involved in published research. My professional interests ultimately led me to join a breast-cancer team in New York City developing novel immunotherapy treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Here, living in a shoebox-sized, shared apartment in SoHo, I found inspiration to launch the Micrographer.

I hope to offer you more than another static piece of art to mount on your wall. Each of the images offered brought me that familiar sense of excitement I had after powering on the microscope at Cornell for the first time. Both the materials and optical techniques used for every shot were all meticulously planned. But the meaning behind each of these random crystal event images, I leave to you.

- Matt Femia, Founder & Owner, The Micrographer

The Micrographer

the micrographer.

Matt Femia


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